Built for new beginnings

STEKSHIELD is a powerful but simple platform that puts a wide selection of tools at your fingertips. Now, you can manage your shop, customers, and more to boost your shop performance.

Your Shop,
Your Way

STEKSHIELD is here to help your business grow with STEK. 

Customize your shop and invite your team members to manage your customers, product registration, STEK Support, and more. 

Manage Your Shop

Our intuitive ‘My Shop’ feature provides a centralized hub for managing your business operations. Oversee your team’s performance, track vital metrics, and handle product claims all in one place. With real-time data and a clear overview of your shop’s activities, STEKSHIELD empowers you to make informed decisions and maintain excellence in service delivery.

Advance Analytics

Our user-friendly dashboard puts control at your fingertips, allowing you to manage your operations efficiently. Navigate with ease and access all the tools you need in one central location.

Register Products

Elevate your service with STEKSHIELD’s ‘Register Products’ feature. Not only can you efficiently register and manage your products, but you can also extend and track warranty coverage directly to your customers—car owners who trust in the quality of your shop. Equip them with the essential information on maintenance schedules and warranty details at the click of a button.

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Comprehensive Warranty

Offer warranties to customers when registering products, showcasing your commitment to quality and service.

Maintenance Insights

Provide your customers with valuable maintenance information, ensuring their vehicles are kept in optimal condition.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

Our responsive design allows you to manage warranties and maintenance information from your desktop or mobile.

Immerse yourself in the innovative world of STEKSHIELD with our 3D STEK Studio. Our Studio allows you to visualize and customize cars in a dynamic 3D environment. 

Make informed decisions by seeing your customizations come to life in real-time, with a level of detail that feels as real as the road ahead.

Interactive Customization

Experiment with different styles, colors, and finishes to find the perfect match for any car model.

Real-Time Visualization

Instantly view changes and make adjustments on-the-fly, ensuring your design choices are exactly as you envision.

Engage and Excite

Engage your customers with a captivating visual experience that elevates their decision-making process, directly from your website.

Active Leads & Quotation Tool

STEKSHIELD’s Active Leads feature is a powerful ally in transforming interest into revenue. 

Thanks to STEK’s robust marketing initiatives designed to drive traffic to our website, we provide you with a steady stream of new customers. Harness the power of advanced lead management to track potential sales, schedule calls, and convert opportunities directly within the platform.

Easy Product Claims Process

Experience a hassle-free claims process with STEKSHIELD; submit and review your claims with just a few clicks. Our streamlined system is designed for simplicity and efficiency, ensuring your product claims are managed swiftly and smoothly.

Ready to get started?

STEKSHIELD, our robust Digital Experience Platform, is designed to propel your business forward. With our innovative solutions, you’re just one step away from elevating your customer’s experience.