STEK 3D Studio – the revolutionary platform designed to bring your customization projects to life. Equipped with an expansive toolkit, STEK 3D Studio enables you to effortlessly manage and upgrade every aspect of your business, from intricate vehicle designs to client interactions.

Immersive 3D Visualization

Present clients with stunning, real-time 3D visualizations of their vehicles, empowering them to envision the final result with confidence.

Enhanced Client Engagement

Simplify decision-making for your customers with an intuitive interface, facilitating immediate feedback and approvals.

Optimized Project Management

Streamline your workflows with integrated project management tools, driving efficiency and productivity.

Creativity To The Max

Unlock the full potential of automotive customization with STEK 3D Studio. Our platform is ingeniously simple yet powerful, delivering an expansive suite of design tools right to your fingertips.  Enhance your shop’s efficiency and elevate customer engagement by managing, creating, and visualizing car customizations like never before. Experience seamless integration of design and client interaction to propel your shop’s performance to new heights.

Customize Any Vehicle

Dive into a world where every car is your canvas. Choose from an extensive collection of models and brands. With STEK 3D Studio, your creativity knows no bounds. Transform any vehicle with precision and ease.

All Types of Films

Explore an unparalleled selection of high-quality films. From classic hues to bold metallics, our library has it all. Elevate your designs with finishes that impress and last. It’s time to bring your vision to life.

Enviroments and Scenes

Present your designs in full splendor with diverse backdrops. Whether it’s a sleek showroom or an urban street, our realistic environments provide the perfect stage for your creations. Show your clients the true potential of their choices.

First Wrap It,

Deliver exceptional customization with precision-cut PPF tailored to any car model. STEK 3D Studio’s advanced tools ensure a perfect fit every time.

Then Tint It,

Offer your clients a new level of personalization with a wide range of high-quality window tints. Visualize and select with ease, ensuring a match to every style and preference.

Just Quote It.

Share all your creations directly to your client and say goodbye to back-and-forth revisions.Introducing the future of client engagement – our Quotation & Estimation Tool streamlines your workflow, offering instant, accurate quotes. Say goodbye to tedious negotiations and hello to efficiency.

Ready to get started?

STEKSHIELD, our robust Digital Experience Platform, is designed to propel your business forward. With our innovative solutions, you’re just one step away from elevating your customer’s experience.